Are you getting old? so what? let's go back to school. Wall fair is 
a volunteer organization with those who love painting, photography,
writing, journey and ready to dedicate themselves in motivating the 
students in education through their interest and work. 


Wall fair is a volunteer organization which aims at making the poor children interested in education. In a developing country like Bangladesh most of the poor students leave school at the primary stage. Which is one of the major reasons for illiteracy and poverty. If we take some motivating steps for increasing their interest in education, it will be helpful for both our society and country.

What we will do:

Wall painting: We will paint different historical, cultural and didactic pictures in the school's walls with the participation of all the students and our team.

Competition: We will arrange competitions among the students in which they have to write about their dreams(i.e. their future plans, hobbies etc.), favourite person, memorable event etc.

Photography: Our photographer friends will capture various memorable and funny photos during the whole day , which will be uploaded in our blog. From them some selected photos will be sent to the school in the frame shape.

Blog: Our blogger friends will bring out the feelings & memories from the festival and share to all throug our blog. One also gets the photos and writings of the students in the blog.


Our organisation consists of students from different universities(however others can also join with us). Most of us like to travel during university vacations and we'll build our team with those who have interest in travelling. There will be 10 to 15 members in one team, in which some of them are painters, photographers and bloggers.

For instance if 50 persons are interested to work with us in one vacation, then we will make 5 teams, having 10 members in each. Then we will select a district through voting in our facebook group. We will determine to go in the district which has highest priotity in the voting system. Every team will start their journey for different schools in the same district. In each school, we will stay one day, for making funs and fulfilling our target.

How we carry on: Actually we maintain our volunteer organization through self contribution. We can maintain our expense with the money that we spend in our yearly tour. But if situation arises that requires more money then we may take help or donation.



If the school authority permits us to keep a wall(as a notice board) only for our wall fair, then we will send ,motivating writings and photos to the school for our wall fair walls in a weekly or monthly basis.

We may acquaint with new schools and it's students in the following year.


We'll make our decisions through discussing in our facebook group. If you want to participate with us in our wall fair project, then you have to join us in facebook group or if you have any question feel free to email at [email protected]


if you have any question about wall fair, feel free to contact us: 
[email protected]