Make your education more fun

Welcome to Laughing bomb project

Laughing bomb is a community with those people who love teaching, cartoon, writing and specially those who want to make their education more fun.


Laughing bomb is a volunteer organization which aims at encouraging the children in their education and providing our service to the poor children without any cost. Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in the world. Our education system is not so much enjoyable . If we are able to influence our students in education by making our education system more enjoyable in an alternative way, it will be very effective for our students. Briefly, We may transform educational topics in the form of funny stories, cartoons etc. We have to realize their interest and we should proceed in that way.


We will not confined with only in cartoon or pictures. Gradually, we will make logic games for the children's which will help them to broaden their thinking as well as increase concentration in their study. Laughing bomb will also work for making animation on scientific facts, imagination, didactic or entertainment.


Now we are performing our all the job in our facebook group. If you want to participate with us in our Laughing bomb project, then you have to join us in facebook group. or if you have any question feel free to email at [email protected]



Our organisation consists of students from different universities(however others can also join with us). Students from different departments of different universities will work for the organization in four sectors:

  • 1. Writing simple stories (subject relevant)
  • 2. Transforming the stories into jokes
  • 3. Making cartoons of the stories
  • 4. Managing the whole task

For example, friends who are expert in mathematics work for describing the addition & subtraction of the mathematics in a simple story form(maintaining the technical terms) and friends who expert in writing will help them. Then these writings will be shared in our group to make the stories more funny and enjoyable. This work will open for all the members(But there must be funny writers in our community). After selecting the stories, the next task is to give them in a cartoon or picture form . Our cartoonist friends will do this important task.

A story is made by considering some mandatory points. Such as:

  • 1. Are the technical terms accurate?
  • 2. Is it entertaining?

  • To review the technical terms, we take the help of our honorable experienced teachers.

    we will go on by following the syllabus of primary class. we will work for publishing the book. The time will be fixed for each task.

    How we carry on:
    primarily , we will contract with book publishers, from which we will publish our books. All the earnings,(from selling the book) will be spent for the poor primary children.

    As well as we will be attached with the web world, any weekly or monthly magazines or any features of daily newspapers.


if you have any question about wall fair, feel free to contact us: [email protected]